This isn’t where that famous Windows XP wallpaper was taken. A national geological monument, the famous sand dunes of Ilocos Norte is found in Paoay town and is extended up north to Laoag City. Aside from being a shooting location for a Hollywood film, Born on the Fourth of July, Paoay Sand Dunes is also a favorite destination for off-road activities. Here you can try the thrilling 4×4 ride and sandboarding. So, on a good day, go and visit this not only to experience adrenaline rush but to also feel the awesome beauty of Ilocos Norte. (327)Read More →

In the northwestern coast of mainland Luzon, a national geological monument can be found. The sand dunes of Ilocos Norte is one of the favorite shooting locations of the late king of local movie industry Fernando Poe, Jr. Sunrise watching can be more dramatic in Suba Sand Dunes in the town of Paoay. Some scenes of Oliver Stone-directed, Tom Cruise-starred Born on the Fourth of July were shot in Suba. Meanwhile, sunset watching is even better in La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag City. The sand dunes both in Suba and La Paz are now a perfectly fit for outdoor activities such as sandboarding, 4×4,Read More →

Location: Valencia, Negros Oriental Type: Plunge The City of Gentle People is an excellent gateway to adventures and sightseeing trips. As Dumaguete City is situated in the southeastern side of Negros, it is very close to the marine sanctuaries of Apo Island, the pristine beaches of Siquijor, and the cetaceans in TaƱon Strait. Eleven kilometers away from Dumaguete City, there stands a proud and mighty waterfall. At the foot of Mount Talinis in Valencia, Casaroro Falls plunges magnificently into a 100-foot ravine. The rocks and boulders bear the brunt of the roaring waterfalls. The basin that it creates offers a pool for a cold, rejuvenatingRead More →

Since I have been bringing a lot of my guests to La Paz Sand Dunes, maybe it was time to change location for the sunrise watching, sandboarding, and 4×4 rides. So I opted to bring my lady guests to Suba Sand Dunes in Paoay. And we were blessed with a great weather. Talk about right place, right time for these activities. (151)Read More →

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