The Age of Sail has prompted European powers to expand territories beyond their realms. The Spanish and the Portuguese spearheaded these expansionist expeditions. In the course of his voyage, Ferdinand Magellan made use of the trade winds to sail westward. His expedition tragically ended in Mactan Island, part of the archipelago later named by Ruy López de Villalobos as Las Islas Filipinas. Juan Sebastián Elcano took over the Magellan expedition and completed the first circumnavigation of the world. It hastened the formal establishment the Spanish East Indies colonies comprised of Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Guam, Marianas, Carolinas, and Formosa (Taiwan). Based in Mexico, the administration ofRead More →

In the northernmost island and town of Northern Samar, a beauty is unveiled shaped and sculpted by the roaring waves of the great Pacific Ocean and the historic San Bernardino Strait. Their constant pounding on Biri Island‘s promontories eventually resulted to the rock formations of Magasang, Magsapad, Macadlaw, Puhunan, Bel-at, and Caranas. On the day I visited this island town, I only visited and explored the rock formations in Magasang and Magsapad. Not only I was blessed on that day with a great weather but it was also low tide. Perfect to walk around the rock formations, marvel at their shapes and magnitude. How ToRead More →