Hinulugan Falls, Pilar, Capiz

Location: Brgy. Tabunacan, Pilar, Capiz Type: Fan horsetail For the first quarter of 2016, I have been blessed with two group tours in Gigantes Islands in Carles, Iloilo. It thus presented me yet another opportunity to explore the province of Capiz, especially the waterfalls in its hinterlands. On March 3, I and Jhoanna, whom I met in one of my Palaui Island and Cagayan Heritage Group Tours, were supposed to go to Camp General Macario Peralta Jr. in Jamindan, Capiz. But the letter requesting for permission was not processed right away. So, we opted to go to Pilar, instead. It proved to be a betterRead More →

One of the more contentious issues that left a bitter episode in the Philippine-American relation has been the Balangiga Massacre. On the morning of September 28, 1901, Valeriano Abenador and Eugenio Daza led the attack against the Company C of the 9th U.S. Infantry Regiment. On August 11, 1901, Company C arrived in Balangiga, a town on the south side of Samar Island. For the first several weeks, the relationship between the American soldiers and the townsfolk of Balangiga was cordial. But a series of events occurred leading to the armed uprising spearheaded by Abenador and Daza. When the smoke was cleared, 36 killed, 22 wounded,Read More →

When in Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People, there are a lot of historic sights and tourist destinations to choose from. Less than eight kilometers south of the city is the town of Bacong, the birthplace of Leon Kilat: Hero of the Battle of Tres de Abril, the hero of the Battle of Tres de Abril. One of Bacong‘s important landmarks is its Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo which was built by the Augustinian Recollects in 1865. Its belfry is the highest in Negros Oriental and was used in the olden times as a watch tower against marauders. The church complex faces the BoholRead More →

One of the must-see destinations in the mystical province of Siquijor is the San Isidro Labrador Church in the town of Lazi. The parish church is located just off the Siquijor Circumferential Road. The Lazi parish was established by the Augustinian Recollects in 1857. Father Toribio Sanchez, O.A.R., administered the construction of the church and the convent. It was made of coral stones and hard wood. Filipino artisans completed the church in 1884 and the belfry the year after. Pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 260 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on August 1, 1973, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 375Read More →

The Age of Sail has prompted European powers to expand territories beyond their realms. The Spanish and the Portuguese spearheaded these expansionist expeditions. In the course of his voyage, Ferdinand Magellan made use of the trade winds to sail westward. His expedition tragically ended in Mactan Island, part of the archipelago later named by Ruy López de Villalobos as Las Islas Filipinas. Juan Sebastián Elcano took over the Magellan expedition and completed the first circumnavigation of the world. It hastened the formal establishment the Spanish East Indies colonies comprised of Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Guam, Marianas, Carolinas, and Formosa (Taiwan). Based in Mexico, the administration ofRead More →

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