The Municipality of San Antonio in the Province of Zambales is more popularly known for its white sand beaches and coves, mountains and peaks, Spanish-era lighthouse and rich fishing grounds. A mile away from the town proper and a spitting distance from the former the U.S. Naval Communication Station, Philippines (NAVCOMSTAPHIL) or Naval Station San Miguel is CASA San Miguel. CASA San Miguel was established in 1993, two years after the eruption fo Mount Pinatubo that devastated Central Luzon. It envisioned to provide respite for a devastated province and region through arts, music, dances, theater and film showings. Violinist Coke Bolipata was the person behindRead More →

It was a short break that my wife and I needed. We were coming from the most agonizing experience ever as a couple. So this quick trip to Zambales was a welcome break. Actually, we haven’t had a trip as a couple in a while. As a tour organizer myself, this was the first time that some people took care of us, did the errands while we were resting and whiling the time away in so far as Zambales camping trips are concerned. We had all the time in the world to rest. Then in the afternoon, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise, a testament ofRead More →

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