Well, I was supposed to chase some waterfalls in Pagadian City but my Aunt Carmelita had other plans for that day. She suggested that we go to a lakeside resort somewhere south of the city. The past three days had been very hectic as I was intently crossing out those items in my list. So, it really was a delightful time as it relaxed me. They just allowed me to chill out, enjoying the tranquil Lake Leonard Wood and the Alindahaw Lakeside Resort. Ah! Those precious, priceless moments off my busy schedule were heavenly-sent! Thanks to Auntie Carmelita! Alindahaw Lakeside Resort is nestled on theRead More →

The Province of Zamboanga del Sur is a small piece in the bigger and former Spanish colonial era Zamboanga province. The latter originally encompassed the whole of the present-day Zamboanga Peninsula Region and the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi. Pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 83 or The Provincial Government Act of 1901, the Philippine Commission implemented a national political reorganization. In accordance with Act No. 787 approved on June 1, 1903 and made effective on July 15, 1903, the Moro Province was created out of Mindanao. It excluded provinces of Surigao and Misamis which were previously created under Act No. 127 andRead More →

There was an obscure and sleepy coastal village that was thrust to prominence when the leading propagandist and national icon was banished on July 17, 1892. At around 7PM on that historic night, Dr. José P. Rizal, together with Captain Delgras and three artillery men, landed at Sta. Cruz Beach in Dapitan, Zamboanga to start his four-year exile. With a farol de combate that lit the dark Sta. Cruz Street, they walked towards Casa Real where Rizal was presented to Don Ricardo Carcinero, the military governor of the District of Zamboanga. Rizal made Casa Real as his first residence until March 1893 when he transferredRead More →

“Don’t you realize that that is a useless life which is not consecrated to a great idea? It is a stone wasted in the fields without becoming a part of any edifice.” – The Reign of Greed by Charles Derbyshire (Complete English Version of ‘El Filibusterismo‘ of José P. Rizal) There was a period of interruption in the life of the Philippines’ greatest hero that seemingly skewed his journeys and activities. José P. Rizal had become renowned in the arts, social and political circles in Manila, Europe, East Asia, and the United States. But as his reputation grew larger than life, Rizal became a loomingRead More →

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